Video: Vicki Iverson is the woman and the code behind Ottawa’s Iversoft

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Vicki Iverson, co-founder of the ever-growing Iversoft Solutions, joined Techopia Live this week, offering a glimpse at the woman behind the code behind the apps.

The Iverson family, she told host Carlo Lombard, has been in computer science for generations, with her grandfather as a pioneer in the very beginnings of coding. Though she didn’t want to follow in his footsteps as a child, she found her own way to the field in high school, ending up as a developer with Apple before co-founding Iversoft in 2009.

As both a founder and developer, Iverson has been a role model for women in traditionally male-dominated STEM fields. She says that the key is not to buy into the narratives of gender-specific fields of work; it’s about doing what you’re interested in, and if that field is tech, just go do it.

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“I never really looked at the barriers. I’ve always just ignored them and continued on my way,” she told Techopia.

Iverson told us about the technology the company has been eyeing, including virtual reality and proximity-based beacon technology. The uses for VR, for example, go beyond traditional gaming.

“I think there’s a business case for it,” she said. “If you want to get into working on skyscrapers, but you’re not sure if you can handle the height, you can put on a headset and try that out.”

To hear the rest of the interview, including her thoughts on the Ottawa gaming industry and what Iversoft might look like in just a few years, watch the video below.

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