OBJ has dozens of complimentary pickup locations spread across Ottawa.

Hillary’s Cleaners

Hillary’s Cleaners has convenient, ground-floor locations in major downtown office towers and outlying areas. You can find OBJ distribution racks at the following locations:

  • Place Bell (160 Elgin St.)
  • World Exchange Plaza (111 Albert St.)
  • Constitution Square (347 Albert St.)
  • Minto Place (407 Laurier Ave.)
  • 1235 Bank Street (Old Ottawa South)
  • Wellington West (1317 Wellington St.)
  • Centrepointe / Nepean (261 Centrepointe Dr.)
  • Kanata (2 Goldbridge Dr.)

Ottawa Airport

OBJ can be found at multiple locations near the exit points of Ottawa International Airport on the first, second and third floors.