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What is an Expert Blog?

Expert blogs are articles written by professional service providers to demonstrate their expertise to OBJ’s 65,000 online readers. They provide key information and perspective on topics important to business leaders in the Ottawa metro area and beyond.

An effective blog article can have a lasting legacy by establishing your expertise and credibility to potential clients leveraging the brand recognition, trust, and history of Ottawa Business Journal.

Strong, problem-solution oriented headlines with well-reasoned and digestible information (not sales pitches) can act as a powerful persuasion tool and establish trust with potential clients.

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Immediate impact, lasting influence

Expert blogs are featured on the OBJ website, promoted via our email newsletter, and distributed via Google News.

Even after the initial impact, blog articles remain on the OBJ website. This provides on-going SEO benefit with a link from our website back to yours. But they often can generate years of additional visibility as well.

For example, Michael Citrome, an Ottawa-based tax lawyer published an expert blog to the OBJ website, “Moving provinces? Avoid a surprise tax bill”. The article saw 78 views in the first month, but over the next two and half years generated over 11,000 more views with an average 6 minute, 19 second read time.

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