Video: Discovery, not business model or product, the goal of Ottawa’s pHacktory

Productization may come down the line, but communications director Spencer Callaghan says that's not the main objective

Spencer Callaghan
Spencer Callaghan
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Fresh off a successful “mission launch” a few weeks back, pHacktory is closing in on the final week before its submission deadline. The Ottawa-based organization pitches itself as a “risk-as-a-service” platform, the place where audacious ideas meet reality (and, they’re prepared to admit, likely fail).

But pHacktory’s Spencer Callaghan says that whether or not an idea is successful isn’t the point. The organization’s mandate isn’t the same as an accelerator or venture capital fund; it’s not looking for a billion dollar idea and it’s not concerned about taking a product to market. If that happens, great. But first and foremost, pHacktory is about trying crazy ideas for the sake of discovery.

It’s a chance for community members or corporations to try something just because they’re curious. If it blows up, pHacktory proudly takes the fall (and will probably post a video about it on YouTube). There are only a few restrictions: The concept should probably fall within the laws of physics, and it needs to be taken from ideation to execution in 100 days. Aside from that, submit your best idea here by April 30, and you could see your concept floating by the streets of Ottawa in the next few months.

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