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Bringing injured individuals – and their families – hope after tragedy

For more than 20 years, lawyers at Bergeron Clifford LLP have helped individuals and families across Eastern Ontario navigate the justice system while advocating for some of the region’s most vulnerable residents.

With offices and satellite locations located in Kingston, Ottawa, Whitby, Perth and Carleton Place, the personal injury law firm – which was founded in 1999 by Ted Bergeron and Chris Clifford – has built a name for itself as one of the top injury law firms in Canada.

The law team assists individuals and their families through what is typically the most difficult and traumatic periods of their lives – such as recovering from catastrophic injuries or the death of a loved one – and helps them secure the financial resources they need to put their lives back on track.

Kanon Clifford

“Our clients are not a file or a matter – they are people first,” says Kanon Clifford, a lawyer at the firm and son of co-founder Chris Clifford. “When you’re injured, we believe the last thing on your mind should be navigating legal waters or seeking financial compensation, so our priority is to alleviate that burden and take on that task.”

For most clients, engaging a personal injury lawyer follows a personal tragedy. This can make the process difficult and overwhelming.

But by following a set of core principles, Bergeron Clifford LLP ensures it delivers effective results to clients with sensitivity and compassion:

Build a winning team

Every case starts with a free consultation with one of Bergeron Clifford’s lawyers, and that same lawyer and legal team will work on a case from start to finish – no matter how long it takes.

While many injury compensation cases are settled outside of the courtroom, Bergeron Clifford LLP’s lawyers prepare every case as if it were going to trial, says Clifford, which helps ensure the client the best possible outcome by demonstrating to the insurance companies that the client is committed to getting justice, no matter what it takes.

The Bergeron Clifford team also prides itself on helping its clients, regardless of where they live. The law firm has five locations across the province, and its employees do not hesitate to travel across Ontario to meet clients. Bergeron Clifford, at any given time, has clients in 40 cities, towns, villages and communities in Eastern Ontario.

Prioritize access to justice

Handling a personal injury case doesn’t just involve getting clients money in their pockets, says Clifford, explaining that a client’s health and recovery are an imperative part of the process.

In many cases, the law firm doesn’t charge its clients any legal fees until the case is settled – an important approach for those who are suddenly facing expensive medical bills or a loss of income.

“This practice promotes access to justice for vulnerable individuals,” says Clifford. “Our team works with you the entire way of your claim and makes sure you have access to those necessary medical treatments so that you’re heading down the right road to recovery.”

Stay current

While the level of service offered to clients has remained unchanged since the company’s inception, operationally, the firm has committed to staying modern and sophisticated.

Over the last few years, the team has focused on updating its operations to be more environmentally sustainable and technologically up-to-date. Over the last year, the company has transitioned to a secure cloud-based storage system and has committed to limiting the amount of paper being used. The team has also implemented video conferencing with clients, and e-filing with the court system, all of which has allowed them to reduce client fees.

“When Bergeron Clifford was founded, our objective was to put people first and ensure they received the best legal services,” says Clifford. “That objective has not changed – it has only grown stronger.”