Techopia Live: Ottawa’s Benbria tracking ‘tectonic’ shifts in customer engagement

Companies that live or die on customer engagement are in no short supply of feedback these days – look no further than the average brand’s Twitter account for proof. Kanata-based Benbria is capitalizing on the explosion of digital touch points with its platform to help track customer satisfaction across a range of channels, so CEO Jordan Parsons joined Techopia Live this week to break down how the field is evolving.

Though the firm more than a decade ago as a way to immediately broadcast emergency notifications over as many channels as possible, today Benbria is using those channels to listen more than speak. The company’s Loop platform collects customer feedback across websites, social channels and even physical kiosks to give clients such as A&W and Delta Airlines a fulsome view of their customers’ journeys.

This omni-channel perspective gives companies the opportunity to not only track major trends or see where a particular location might be lagging, but also swoop in when needed to turn a customer’s sour experience from a loss to a win.

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“We call them the ‘moments of truth’ in the customer journey – it’s where you need to be able to insert yourself where something has gone wrong, or an insight you can capture,” Parsons told Techopia Live.

Today, there are more “moments of truth” than ever. In addition to Twitter and Facebook pages, which present direct lines of communication to even the biggest of brands, Parsons said Benbria is plugging into emerging platforms that are already dominating users’ attentions. Next month, for example, the company is unveiling a WhatsApp integration.

By building a company profile on the popular messaging platform, Parsons said Benbria can provide its clients with direct access to more of their customers than they’ve ever had in the past.

“The fact that 1.5 billion people are already on WhatsApp … and that we can aggregate and help (businesses) respond to people on those channels, is tectonic to say the least.”

To hear more about how the field of customer engagement is changing with the digital revolution, watch the full video above.

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