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Travel smart: Four ways FlightHub offers budget-friendly business travel solutions

Simplify your business trip with a Canadian-made, one-stop, online travel service

A business man at the airport.

Canadians know that flying domestically is a challenge due to our small population, spread out across a vast space — and that it can make business travel an even bigger challenge. 

FlightHub is a homegrown solution for this problem. The Montreal-based company is set on making it easier to travel on a budget without sacrificing quality or convenience.

One of the biggest conveniences they offer is a one-stop shop. 

“FlightHub is designed to be an all-in-one travel solution,” said Ramzi Rahbani, vice-president of product and customer platforms. “We ensure our customers can plan their entire trip on a single platform,” 

Here are a four reasons why FlightHub is ideal for business travel:

1. Wide range of flight options

You won’t be limited by choice when you use FlightHub.

Multiple flight options allow for timely arrivals even with last-minute bookings. 

If you’re a sales executive with multiple meetings in multiple destinations, you can book them at the same time and not have to worry about reaching your client meetings on time. You’ll also find diverse routes to ensure you’ll find a flight that fits your schedule. 

What makes it possible are FlightHub’s advanced algorithms and data analytics, quietly comparing prices across hundreds of airlines and travel providers.

2. Competitive pricing 

With people having to keep a close eye on their budget these days, the lower airfares found on FlightHub can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage tight travel budgets. 

Whether you’re a big corporation, sole proprietor, or a startup weathering your lean years, FlightHub can help you find something affordable.

“We’ve formed strategic partnerships with a broad spectrum of airlines, hotels and car rental companies,” said Christina Allen, vice-president of partnerships. “It’s why we’re able to negotiate the competitive rates we pass onto our customers.”

If you can’t pay for the entire trip up front, opting for monthly payments through Affirm when checking out is an option.

3. Efficient booking process 

One of the key features that makes FlightHub an efficiency tool is their attention to providing a user-friendly experience. 

For example, an assistant to the CEO can quickly search and book flights, reducing administrative burden. Mobile access makes it possible to manage booking on the go if you need to change or adjust your flight last minute. 

And, if your business trip is also your family vacation, FlightHub gives you the opportunity to plan your activities. 

You can use FlightHub to pre-book attractions you’ve got your eye on — whether you’re an adventurer or looking for family-friendly options — so you can put your FOMO aside and enjoy a side of fun with your business trip.

4. Comprehensive travel options 

After the excitement of booking your flight, it can be easy to forget that there may be more reservations to make – whether hotel, car rental or travel insurance.

With FlightHub you can book flights, hotels, car rentals, and more in one place, often at discounted rates. You’ll also find options for safeguarding against travel disruptions, like CFAR, their Cancel For Any Reason offering.  

FlightHub is a great choice for businesses aiming to save on travel expenses due to its budget-friendly options, wide range of flights, competitive pricing, and efficient booking process. 

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