Techopia Live: Why Ottawa’s Corsa Technology is a tech firm to watch in 2019

There’s no use making a prediction if you can’t back it up. To that end, Techopia Live brought Corsa Technology on for the first show of the new year to talk about why the company’s approach to cybersecurity has made it one of our tech firms to watch in 2019.

Corsa Technology has raised more than $20 million across multiple rounds of funding since it was founded in 2013. The company has attracted the attention of investors for its expertise in software-defined networking, a skillset to which it recently turned to address a growing problem in cybersecurity.

High-capacity networks, the kinds used by large enterprises such as banks, are faced with a growing volume of traffic generated by streaming services and the Internet of Things. On top of that, data flowing into networks is largely encrypted these days, which means information must be decrypted before potential threats can be assessed and neutralized.

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“They’re not able to keep up with that volume of data,” Carolyn Raab, Corsa’s co-founder and vice-president of product management, told Techopia Live.

Traditional security solutions such as firewalls have been slow to decrypt and process the new waves of data and don’t scale well, Raab said. Corsa’s solution to this problem? A programmable hardware device that plugs into a server to horizontally offload and virtualize data flowing through a network, essentially compartmentalizing and processing smaller chunks of information to address potential threats.

The result, Raab said, is a product that can handle an ever-growing flood of data at scale.

“The heart of everything we do is scaling network security … We found our technology could be perfectly used to address the gap.”

Seeing this opportunity in decrypting and processing the flow of information into enterprise networks was the “aha moment” at Corsa, Raab said. With a technically sound product already in place from its origins in software-defined networking, the company has since been spending the past few years to orient its sales teams to sell a cyber solution, which she said has been the primary challenge facing the company.

“That’s probably a consistent answer in the Ottawa market but also in cybersecurity. It’s getting out to market,” Raab said.

To hear more about how Corsa Technology keeps up with changes in the demanding field of cybersecurity, watch the video above.

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