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How Red Rooster Golf makes golf tournaments memorable

Maybe you know the feeling.

You’re on a golfing trip with your buddies, kitted out in new golf gear, only to find yourself digging in the bottom of your bag to find a sad, old, wrinkled golf glove.

Or maybe you don’t. But Red Rooster’s Kerry Moher certainly does. 

Fortunately, Moher is the kind of guy who would take a moment like that and turn it into a successful kickstarter campaign in the middle of a pandemic.

He did it in part by partnering with friend and Former PGA tour player  Brad Fritsch, and their effort was the genesis of Red Rooster Golf.

Elevating your golf tournament

Clearly when Moher does something, he goes all in. Most people would buy a book about kickstarters before launching a campaign. Moher did that, and then called the author.

Which is why anyone who has used Red Rooster’s swag at their tournament says they’d do it again in a heartbeat. 

“Kerry saw that typical golf tournament gifts were underwhelming,” said Red Rooster’s director of marketing and communications, Mandy Gulliver. “We understand that each event is unique, and we work closely with organizers to customize our packages.” 

  • Red Rooster 3
  • Red Rooster golf's glove compartments

What you can expect for your event is the same attention to detail that Moher put into founding his company. “We engage in detailed correspondence with event organizers to understand their specific goals, needs and budget,” said Gulliver. 

Based on what they learn, tournament organizers can mix and match different products into a custom gift box, or suggest a single item that will really wow participants. 

“One of our most popular items is The Glove Compartment,” said Gulliver. It’s a storage solution for your glove that will keep it unwrinkled and at the ready. “In addition to having a sleek and stylish design, it’s a great option for custom branding.”

While there are many golf accessories besides gloves to choose from, including tees and hats, Moher’s attention to detail shines throughout the entire process.

That includes the quality of the materials they use, to their focus on customer service.

“We provide ongoing support to event planners, working closely with them to ensure everything is delivered on schedule,” said Gulliver.

And, one of the more unique offerings they’ve offered for several years at Faces Magazine’s Annual Charity Golf Tournaments are glove fittings for the participants. Their braided belts have also been a bit hit as of late.

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  • Red Rooster Golf glove compartment

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is organizing a golf tournament for a corporate or charity event will find something at Red Rooster to take it to the next level.

There are packages to suit anyone’s budget, including one for non-profit and charity tournaments. “Our goal is to provide an alternative high-quality but budget-friendly solution that leaves a lasting impression with tournament guests,” said Gulliver. 

“People are going to be really happy they went to your tournament because they get to support a charity, and take a little something home for themselves,” she added.

If you’d like to learn more or start planning your order, email and include the date, location, and approximate number of guests for your upcoming event.