The provincial corporation tasked with the online sales and distribution of recreational weed has posted a tender calling for "expedited same-day delivery"
The latest data comes as cannabis retailers continue to grapple with a supply crunch more than three months after recreational pot was legalized
HDR’s Westboro studio in Ottawa reflects architecture firm’s core values while paying homage to the evolution of the nation’s capital
Housing, with all that it means for people's personal finances and lifestyles, is expected to be a prominent campaign issue ahead of October's federal election
Premier Doug Ford is warning that the carbon tax will plunge the country into recession – a claim disputed by experts and the federal government
Hydro Ottawa employees have pledged $1 million over a five year period to fully equip an entire mammography room at the Rose Ages Breast Health Centre.
Trade, manufacturing and retail numbers are expected this week alongside earnings from CP Rail and Rogers Communications
Huawei Canada will be getting a piece of the US$2 billion that its global Chinese parent will spend over five years to hire more software engineers
After “significant interest,” a group of Canadian exchanges say they will assign the symbol on Jan. 30 by random lottery
Businesses and investors are rushing to partner with the 25 winners of the Ontario cannabis retail licence lottery with hopes of being one of the first to open a store this spring