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Former Espial CEO gaining traction in new markets with WishSlate
Startup has been incubated in Silicon Valley and raised millions of dollars in financing.'s Chris Grimes saw an opportunity while working in the mortgage industry. But when is it time to take a great idea and turn it into a business?
From its roots in the National Capital Regional, Bitback's journey has taken it to South Africa and Uganda – leading to lessons for founders managing a virtual company.
Ottawa-based Eclipse Foundation helps bring cutting-edge advances in IoT, AI, autonomous vehicles and cloud applications to market quickly and affordably.
“It’s a little bit of a hit on us as a business for 60 or 90 days, but if we’re helping out our client who is going to be with us for 10 years, it’s a no-brainer."
An Ottawa-based high-tech company is shifting its focus to a simpler solution that could solve some common COVID-19 concerns while funding a more rapid response to the pandemic
The CEO of Kanata’s Martello Technologies says the era of COVID-19 will test companies that haven’t prepared their business and their workforce for long-term stability
Ottawa-based Welbi is adapting its platform to better serve care providers in retirement communities amid increasingly overwhelming circumstances
An award-winning bootstrapper joined Techopia Live this week to share the story of how her fledgling startup targeting the oil and gas sector has found its footing in Ottawa without raising major…