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Traditional video surveillance may be a well-established market, but March Networks is capitalizing on the industry's growing interest in the hidden data that video can provide.
Ottawa-based Inventure is a new platform connecting high school, college and university students to the resources and opportunities they need to start a business.
Ottawa-based firm develops and manufacturers specialized cameras for scientific and industrial use – everything from microscopes to astrophotography.
'You’ve seen what a white CEO looks like numerous times. It’s rare that a black, female woman gets to meet a room of fifty CEOs who are black and female.'
Though she’s been practising law for businesses in the city for 20 years, Momentum founder Megan Cornell tells Techopia Live there’s been a renewed energy in the Kanata tech park these past five…
Goals include growing the tech park’s national and international brand as well as attracting diverse talent to the area’s firms.
Summer Company entrepreneurship program provides students with a $3,000 grant to launch their own businesses in addition to mentorship and resources from Bayview Yards.
Though InGenius is nearing 60 employees today, the firm had modest beginnings in the ’90s as a professional services provider focused on recruitment at Nortel prior to its pivot into new industries.
When the firm landed it’s first customer – an airport in Abu Dhabi – Searidge was just six people in a Gatineau basement office, and none had ever stepped foot in the United Arab Emirates.
Vocal user interfaces, greater 'augmented intelligence' are on the horizon.