autonomous vehicles

Potholes detection, collision severity assessments among potential applications
With the promise of a self-driving future inching closer every day, the need for a new generation of sensors to guide autonomous vehicles becomes increasingly important.
What a lot of winter-weary Ottawa residents might consider to be the city’s biggest curse – its weather – is a godsend for the organizations behind a cutting-edge new facility for testing autonomou
A new offering from BlackBerry could spur the development of new autonomous vehicle technologies with Ottawa acting as ground zero for the pilot program.
Before autonomous vehicles were being built in our own backyards, people would turn to Hollywood to inform our ideas of what a self-driving car can be: Night Rider’s Kit was exchanging witty banter
A slew of federal government grants awarded to Ottawa organizations are looking to advance new technologies and reduce the carbon footprint of Canada’s transportation sector.
Carleton University is partnering with a national technology council to ensure the coming generation’s skills will meet the rising demand for autonomous vehicles jobs in Canada.
As the debate surrounding the safety of autonomous cars shifts into high gear, the head of BlackBerry is speaking out against driver mon
With the help of local universities and other players in the capital’s autonomous vehicles hub, Ottawa-based Smats Traffic Solutions is putting smart sensors on the roads where they’re ne
Ottawa will receive up to $5 million from the Ontario government to further the city’s work in connected and autonomous vehicle testing, th