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Tapping into Vanier’s potential, Modbox maps out St. Charles Market development

Andrew Reeves of Linebox poses in front of the church.
Andrew Reeves of Linebox poses in front of the church.

St. Charles Church in Vanier was a community focal point for more than a century before declining attendance forced it to hold its final service in 2010.

In 2014, the deconsecrated Beechwood Avenue building was sold to Modbox, a company combining architecture firm Linebox with building and project management firm Lake Partnership that has little interest in ordinary condo projects.

“This is more than a building or a development,” said Modbox CEO Darryl Squires. “It is a chance to do something unique and special.”

The plans for St. Charles Market include a collection of horizontal homes and townhomes wrapping around the original church structure. At its heart, the historic bell tower will serve once again as a welcoming beacon to the Ottawa community.

The repurposed church will be transformed into a restaurant and local marketplace, while the original grounds will once again serve its neighbours with seasonal attractions and community events.

It’s the latest business investment in Vanier, an area offering untapped opportunities for developers as well as cafés, stores, art studios and startups.

“Vanier has an enormous amount of potential,” says Mr. Squires.

To help entrepreneurs across Ottawa, the Quartier Vanier BIA has prepared several tools to help entrepreneurs across the city find the right home for their businesses.

These include a step-by-step guide to finding a location as well as a commercial space directory.

Visit to access these resources and learn more.