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Sparks Dental Clinic – Dentistry Sparkling through Philanthropy

Sparks Dental Clinic
Sparks Dental Clinic

Dr. Tanya Bracanovich

Dr. Tanya Bracanovich, founder of the Sparks Dental Clinic and a prominent Ottawa figure, is not only passionately committed to providing her patients with second-to-none dental services in a personable, artistically decorated and soothing ambiance, but also to the ethics of giving back to the community.

As an immigrant to Canada, who like many others had to rebuild her professional life brick by brick, she found her credo in the rewards reaped through the art of giving back. Providing dental services to the underprivileged strata of society she viewed as a privilege itself, as a venue via which she could continually express her gratitude to the country that offered her a new home.

Reflecting on the challenges of establishing and giving wings to her new practice twenty-two years ago, Tanya said, “In retrospect, I realize how brave I was to open my own clinic when many were so skeptical of the soundness of that idea. Fortunately, the decision proved to be a wise one. I can now attribute my ultimate success to my persistence, to my determination to beat the odds, and create the life I wanted in a beautiful new land full of opportunity.”

Her success in establishing a stellar reputation as a dentist inspired her to inspire others and make a meaningful and positive impact on the community. “There is a strong impulse in me to be socially responsible, to try to shape and change lives, and to give others the motivation to strive toward realizing their dreams. For that reason, I feel empowered when I empower others, be it through free dental services offered to Syrian refugees and individuals at the Ottawa Mission, or through monetary donations and sponsorships of worthy causes in our community.”

Her fervent desire to help is reflected in her clinic’s sponsorship of the charitable events, such as, “Get Sidified” a fundraiser for Crohn’s disease and Colitis, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Sparkle Dental Charity Ball, the aim of which is to widen access to dental care to the disadvantaged, and many other initiatives.

“I feel invigorated when I am able to answer calls for help, and when I am able to make even a small difference. It truly reflects who I am, and who my children are striving to become under my influence. After all, ‘We only have what we give,’ as Isabel Allende, one of my favourite authors has said.”

Dr. Bracanovich has, indeed become a role-model and a person who not only commands deep respect, but also genuine admiration.