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Small business tools: IFTTT (iOS, Android)

Easily organize and manage your tasks in just a few clicks

A shot of the IFTTT app open on several iPhones.
A shot of the IFTTT app open on several iPhones.

This app’s name – the acronym stands for “if this then that” – belies just how simple, intuitive, and useful it can be for small-business owners. It uses applets (conditional statements) to connect common services and automatically perform simple, time-consuming tasks.

For example, you can: have an applet automatically add a task to Todoist whenever you star an email in Gmail; send messages on Slack simply by talking to Google Assistant; or edit contacts in multiple contact lists when you enter new details in just one of them.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to create these applets yourself; you just choose from a list of hundreds of applets built into the app and organized by theme – such as “applets for small-business owners” – and platform. And IFTTT is a truly free app.

No subscriptions required or features held back. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try, but potentially a whole lot of time to gain back.

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