Sergey Poltev, founder and CEO, CAPITALTEK

Sergey Poltev
Sergey Poltev
Editor's Note

Each year, OBJ and the Ottawa Board of Trade honour 40 of the region’s top young entrepreneurs, business executives and civic leaders and recognize them for their professional achievements, expertise and community service.
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Business: IT services

Born: Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Biggest business achievement: Founding a high-tech firm that’s grown to $1 million in annual revenue, employs 12 people and helps more than 1,000 computer users work efficiently and stress-free.

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Biggest obstacle overcome: Coming to Canada with only $500 and a student visa, working two jobs while studying and eventually launching a company without any capital.

Biggest influences: Elon Musk – seeing how he created multiple companies inspires me to do more each day and set higher goals for myself and my company.

Biggest lesson learned during COVID-19: Realizing we are not only a local company, but global and can provide services Canadawide.

Charitable involvement: Ability First Ottawa.

First job: Delivering newspapers

Advice I’d give the younger me: Hire a lawyer before signing important documents and use the services of other key business professionals.

Favourite pastime: Riding my electric bike; restoring vintage computers


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