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Ottawa’s Dymech Engineering celebrates 25 years in business

Dymech Engineering
Michael Bravo (left) and Mat Main outside Dymech’s office in Greely.

It started in defence and grew from there.

Over the past 25 years, Ottawa-based engineering firm Dymech has become a fixture in the city, working on a wide range of projects for clients in the construction, commercial, industrial, defence and security sectors.

Specializing in metal fabrication and capable of delivering a project from initial concept to in-service support, Dymech has expanded its project offerings over the years, adding some more creative business verticals along the way.

They did it by focusing on two things: being good listeners, and making their clients happy.

“Companies like working with us because we give them what they ask for,” said vice-president Mat Main. “We’re good at communicating. We’re organized. We produce quality work, and we make everything easy for our clients.”

It sounds simple enough, but understanding what clients want down to the last detail has given the company the foundation to shift from working solely with military/ commercial projects, to including creative projects like art installations – starting with the flowers in Ottawa’s Cancer Survivor Park and continuing with Canada’s monument to the victims of communism which is in fabrication.

Unique solutions for Canada’s military

Canada’s military has been relying on Dymech’s work since the company’s founder kick-started the business in his garage in 1998.

Since then, the company has become synonymous with its unique metal fabrication projects.

With a wide range of metal-working tools and machines at the company’s 26,000 sq.ft. facility, Dymech’s work ranges from welding, machining, CAD modeling, CNC waterjet cutting, to surface finishing and coating, allowing them to create custom solutions for clients.

The JTF(X) unit at CFB Kingston, for example, worked with Dymech when it needed a custom firing range that could be relocated when needed. Dymech designed, engineered, fabricated and installed this modular system as part of a new state-of-the-art facility.

Dymech Engineering

“It was designed so they could tear the whole thing down and rebuild it somewhere else,” said Main, adding that it’s specialized projects like this that help Dymech create such a strong rapport with clients.

Similarly, in 2022, Dymech was awarded a contract to deliver over 50 of the Dymech Container Mobilizer System which allows the Canadian Army to mobilize ISO containers without the need for expensive equipment, showcasing how Dymech’s solutions can be adopted for almost any turn-key project, said Main.

“Whether it’s decorative elements, a maintenance platform for a fighter jet, or just a simple handrail, we treat all our clients with the same care,” he added.

Dymech’s specialized and custom solutions

When it came to expanding the business into art installations, the team knew adding creative projects to their portfolio wouldn’t detract from their work in the defence space — it would make it stronger.

“When working with artists, our job is to bring their concept to life and make sure it will stand the test of time,” said Main, adding that Dymech has created metal art displays at Lansdowne, Lebreton Flats and the Inspiration Village, along with many others, you can’t go to a public space in Ottawa without seeing our products.

Most recently, the Phase 2 OLRT team hired them to fabricate decorative metal covers that hide the mechanics that run the LRT station elevators.

“We’re building curved, perforated aluminum metal screens that go from the platform to the roof, but also have a cool, curved shape,” said Michael Bravo, the lead engineer on that project. “Our clients really appreciate the fact that we are technically savvy. We’re engineers, but we’re also very practical — we build stuff every day.”

Whether it’s a new art installation in the city, or a major defence contract, Dymech has built a network of happy customers – often recruiting new business through word of mouth.

This has helped the company land contracts with major players such as Marshall, Lockheed Martin and DND – but the team isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon, said Main.

“Our clients like our attitude,” he added. “They know we get it done and they can trust us with that scope of work without having to hold our hand.”