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Ottawa Integrative Cancer Foundation

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) is changing how people are living with cancer.

OICC logo
OICC logo

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) is changing how people are living with cancer. By reducing side effects, improving quality of life, and helping prevent recurrence, our approach to integrative cancer care enables people to live the best they can while undergoing hospital-based treatment.

A not-for-profit organization, the OICC is leading the way in integrative cancer care and research, and is the first of its kind in central and eastern Canada. Awarded the two largest-ever integrative cancer care research grants in North America, the OICC is a game changer for integrative cancer care in Canada. The OICC Foundation raises funds to support the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre with sustainable funding for delivery of the best in integrative patient care.

Info at-a-glance

Year founded


Total revenue for last fiscal year


Geographic region of focus

Central and Eastern Canada

Donation wish list

  • An Oncothermia device (also known as a hyperthermia machine) is needed to provide essential research at the OICC to better evaluate this highly innovative technology and apply it in a patient setting.
  • A chair lift is needed to assist patients with limited mobility.

How you can help


OICC Innovative Research (Funds required $1.5 million)
Donations will support funding innovative clinical studies and systematic reviews. The OICC is collaborating with The Ottawa Hospital on three major randomized trials. One, involves the provision of integrative care to improve cancer survival and quality of life. The second, is to test the ability of melatonin to effect recurrence rates and survival amongst patients with lung cancer. The third, is a trial to test the ability of 3-D mammography to better identify breast cancer early and with reduced false positives.

Specialized Patient Programs (Funds required $1.5 million)
Our team educates and empowers people living with cancer, and those focused on prevention, on how to take better control of their own health. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their healing process through the adoption of practices that support their body, mind and spirit. We collaborate with institutions, community associations, and local businesses on seminars and workshops to inform the public about prevention and complementary cancer care.

Subsidized Patient Care (Funds required $2 million)
Many people living with cancer seek complementary support alongside their conventional treatments because this can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life and decrease side effects of cancer treatment, strengthening the immune system, and supporting the body’s healing ability.

Programming and community outreach


Programs we run at the OICC include Head Start for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, a course on living and dying, a program focused on mindfulness, group yoga, basic and advanced nutrition for cancer patients and a program in development for pediatric integrative oncology. These programs enable us to reach more patients in a cost effective manner and allows an expansion of services otherwise impossible. In addition, the group dynamics and fantastic facilitation of these programs provides deeply meaningful support to the participants involved that can help carry them through treatment and to a greater sense of self control and equanimity.

Our impact

Subsidies are currently available for 35 patients per year with more than double this seeking support. The average cost of a subsidy is $2,500/year. Our Head Start program reduces anxiety by 75% and increases overall well-being by 88%. The majority (>60%) of cancer patients are seeking integrative care to manage their symptoms and/or to boost their immune system but many don’t have access to this care.

OICC’s therapists help patients improve their quality of life and survival using innovative evidence-based therapies. Care includes but is not limited to: naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, targeted natural health products, nutritional guidance, massage therapy, yoga therapy, to name a few. All of these therapies are designed to maximize benefit in conjunction with hospital based care.

Community engagement

Although we do not run major events at this time, we are thrilled to be involved with some local ones that
help us raise awareness and funds for OICC such as: The Tamarack Race Weekend, Craig Savill’s Golf
Tournament and Curling events, and the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. We would love to be considered
as your charity of choice for your next fundraiser! All funds go towards our Changing How We Live With
Cancer campaign.

Photo of Brian Murray

Board members and executives

Headshot of Dugald Seely, NDHeadshot of John Kelly

John Kelly, Chair & member, CEO of Comfort Keepers, Partner in Murphy Business
Bob Bernhardt, President & member, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Keith Pownall, Secretary & member, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Dugald Seely, Director & member, Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre
Paul Battistuzzi, Director & member, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Barb Weiss, Director & member, Port Hope Health Centre

Get in touch

OICC Foundation
29 Bayswater Avenue
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613-792-1222 x 203

Twitter: @OICCFoundation
Facebook: Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre