Candidates make their pitches for city council: Susan Sherring, Gloucester-South Nepean

On Thursday, Aug. 28, OBJ issued an open invitation to all candidates in the upcoming municipal election to answer one simple question: Why should the business community vote for you?

As the responses come in, one will be published online each day, and be included in our daily email newsletter. Send your response to

Today’s response is from Susan Sherring, candidate in Gloucester-South Nepean.

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My name is Susan Sherring and I am running for councillor in Gloucester-South Nepean.

Some of you may know me as a city hall reporter and columnist for The Ottawa Sun.  I have spent the past 20 years keeping on eye on municipal politicians and how they spend your money.

In that time I’ve also raised a family and built a life in Gloucester-South Nepean. I’m a proud suburbanite and hockey mom looking to take my work and life experience to serve the residents of Ward 22.

Fiscal prudence is a cornerstone of my campaign and I think I have a well-deserved reputation as someone who asks the tough questions and gets the answers.  I am committed to analysis before decisions are made and meaningful monitoring afterwards.

We need city hall to pay attention not only to the bottom line – but also to careful oversight, especially when it comes to major projects.  We need to make sure that transparency includes the ability to get real-time accurate updates of projects as they proceed.  This is especially important for LRT – the most expensive city-building project to date.

In terms of fiscal prudence – I am committed to keeping taxes in line, though I remain unconvinced of the value of arbitrary caps.  I’m committed to a system that scrutinizes all expenditures of public dollars.

I think city hall can best support local businesses by getting out the way as much as possible.  That means cutting down on bureaucratic red tape, maximizing our online capacity in terms of permits and regulation compliance and communicating with business in a straightforward and transparent way.

I would argue that there have been occasions when business people have been frustrated by the city – by red tape, by inconsistent policies and by a city council that at times is mired in process rather than progress.  Process and regulation are critical, but we must ensure that process is implemented fairly and regulations are administered in a timely way.

I believe in a proactive city government when it comes to attracting business – one that seeks opportunities and brings players to the table.  I support ongoing efforts to attract conventions and events to our city because I believe they are a key component of our city’s economic diversification.  I also support efforts to incubate entrepreneurs and to help guide individuals and businesses looking to turn a great idea into a working business.

Specifically — In Gloucester-South Nepean we need to continue to attract small business – whether it’s retail, professional services or office space.  It’s the kind of economic diversification that provides jobs close to home.  We can only do this if we have the necessary infrastructure in place – whether it’s LRT, bus service and/or improved roadways.

Thanks for the opportunity to reach out to the business community.  For more information please visit my website at

Call me at: 613-791-9398

Or visit me on Facebook or on Twitter @SusanSherring


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