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Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa logo.
Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa logo.

We provide children and youth with a third place between the realities of home life and the pressures of school — a place of positivity and belonging where they can play, create, and learn what it takes to become their best selves. We aim to be Ottawa’s leading champion of children and youth — corporations, communities, and families will look to us first to understand what children and youth need to thrive today and in the future. We help the next generation develop what they need to make positive change.

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At a glance:

Year founded: 1923

Total revenue for last fiscal year: $5,920,000

Twitter: @BGCOttawa 

Facebook: /BGCOttawa

Instagram: @BGC Ottawa 

Top funding sources:

  • Individual donations: 31%
  • Corporate: 20%
  • Government: 27%
  • Other charities: 7%
  • Other: 15%

Geographic region of focus: Ottawa Area & Camp Smitty

How you can help


Thanks to the incredible generosity of the community, BGC Ottawa, a registered charity, has provided programming directly to children and youth in vulnerable neighbourhoods for almost 100 years. Free Community-based services. Positive relationships. Life-changing programs. As one of Ottawa’s largest child and youth-serving charitable organizations, BGC Ottawa provides vital programs and services to an annual average of almost 5,000 young members each year. We provide safe, supportive places where all kids and teens, of all backgrounds, can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, and develop confidence and skills for life. 

From anti-racism to reconciliation to LGBTQ2S+, food security to scholarships to job readiness, our clubs battle systemic issues with systemic solutions — equity, acceptance, support, opportunity. BGC Ottawa is about systemic opportunity.


Clubhouse Volunteering

Post-Secondary Student Placements

High-School Students

Special Event Volunteering

Group & Corporate Volunteering

If you are a group that might be interested or if you have any questions, please contact Melissa Marion, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, (613) 232-0925 Ext. 230

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Events and fundraising

The Morning Social that took place on Sept. 10, 2021 was our only fundraising event of the year. A popular event for the past 12 years, the BGCO Breakfast morphed into the Morning Social and is backed by local community and business leaders, entrepreneurs, political leaders, and honorary guests from our city, either viewing from the comfort of home, or at three satellite locations.

Walk This Way

It all starts with one step. Walk this way is a holistic healthy active living program for youth. We will be looking for sponsorships and investments of up to $250,000.

Camp Smitty

We run a sleep-away leadership camp for young people that do not have opportunities to go to camp due to cost or other barriers. We need roughly $200,000 each year to operate the camp. 

Homework Club & Education programs

Each day after school, our staff work with young people across the city to review their homework, offer words of encouragement and support, and supply a healthy snack. We need up to $2-million annually to support core programming that directly helps young people.

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Board members and executives

Adam Joiner

CEO & Alumnus

Stephen Beckta

Chair & Alumnus 

Meredithe Rechan

Vice Chair

Michael Wilson


Nate Behar

Deputy chief Steve Bell

Jock Climie

Brittany Forsyth

Mark Groper

Graham Macmillan

Stacey-Ann Morris


Derek Noble

Robyn Osgood

Judi Shum-Mousseau

Michelle Taggart

Gary Zed

Funding priorities

A space for every kid who needs it. Five thousand youth in the south end of Ottawa need access to opportunities and barrier-free programming. Today, you can help build it. With your help, we can be there for every child that needs it. We aim to double our members and locations by 2024 to meet the deep and rising need in our community.

Get in touch

2825 Dumaurier Ave.

Ottawa, ON

K2B 7W3