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A private golf club with all the perks … for the whole family

Family on golf course
Family on golf course

The Royal Ottawa Golf Club may have a prestigious and storied history, but that doesn’t make it a stuffy old boys club.

In fact, this 126-year-old institution is the ideal setting for families to enjoy golf, fine food and a vibrant social scene.

Just ask Mr. Sanjay Shah, President of ExecHealth, and Dr. Bella Mehta, a family physician.

Mr. Shah had long wanted to join a private club, but Dr. Mehta had been reluctant … until she experienced The Royal Ottawa for herself.

“A friend who was already a member invited me to golf and then we had dinner on the patio,” she said. “It was one of the most magical experiences of my life. I went home and discussed it with my husband. We have two boys and we felt this was a really nice opportunity to do something as a family – it wasn’t just a membership for the parents.”

“The Royal Ottawa Golf Club hit all the elements of our check list,” Mr. Shah added. “The immaculately maintained golf course probably has the best greens in the city. It’s got a great membership – the Men’s Night is a lot of fun. There are lots of social events for everyone in our family.”

The Club consists of two courses in addition to exceptional practice facilities: a traditional and challenging 18-hole main course, and a more relaxed Royal Nine. The latter provides a perfect setting for junior players honing their technique and family foursomes.

Golf course

“I can have a championship experience on the 18-hole course, then spend two hours on the Royal Nine with my sons without anyone pushing us,” said Mr. Shah. “It’s a very inclusive environment – it’s really great from that perspective.”

“Come experience it, just see for yourself,” Dr. Mehta said. “I grew up in Ottawa and I knew about The Royal Ottawa but had never set foot in it. Once you are here, once you see and feel the friendship and the warmth, that’s what gets you. It’s a fantastic place to be.”

Come and see for yourself

How do you plan to spend your leisure time this summer? Why not take Dr. Mehta’s advice and visit The Royal Ottawa Golf Club. Experience its beautiful and modern setting, sample the menu from our exceptional culinary team, and check out the other social activities the whole family can enjoy in the historic Clubhouse.

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