Prescott’s HFI Pyrotechnics rockets to new heights

The next time you’re watching scenes of a dramatic water rescue, take a closer look at the smoke locator bobbing in the waves. It’s possible the device was made right here in eastern Ontario by HFI Pyrotechnics – a company that’s gaining growing recognition for manufacturing illumination devices, smoke grenades and flares used in military exercises and search-and-rescue missions.

The pyrotechnics business supplies products to NATO, is the sole provider for the U.S. Navy and recently signed a deal with the Canadian military, putting the business on a pathway to increased success, says John Witherspoon, the president and chief executive of HFI Pyrotechnics.

“What I need as a Canadian company is to be able to say that my government is supporting me as an entity,” he says. “The best way for them to show their support is by buying from HFI Pyrotechnics, and they’ve acknowledged that.”

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To learn more about HFI’s products and military capabilities, watch the video above.

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