Construction permits up 84% in March

Ottawa’s construction sector recorded its best first quarter in at least four years, according to municipal records.

In the first three months of 2012, more than $523 million worth of construction permits were issued by the City of Ottawa. First-quarter aggregate values ranged between $336 million and $386 million over the previous three years, according to OBJ records.

Last month, the value of local construction permits increased by $77.8 million, year-over-year.

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The city issued 618 permits compared to 490 a year earlier, a 26-per-cent increase. The combined value was $170 million, up from $92.3 million the year previous.

A partial permit for the foundation of the Kanata North Recreation Complex boosted the value of March’s permits by $26.9 million. A 12-storey apartment building on Champagne Avenue and the fit-up of an eight-floor office building on Terminal Avenue also contributed to the overall permit value.

The top permits in March by value are:


Kanata North Recreation Complex

(4101 Innovation Dr.)

Contractor: Bondfield Construction Co. Ltd.

Description: Construct two-storey sports complex (partial permit for foundation only)

Value: $26,872,000



(100 Champagne Ave. S.)

Contractor: Domicile Developments

Description: Construct a 12-storey apartment building

Value: $17,317,000


Public Works office building

(395 Terminal Ave.)

Contractor: Ron Engineering & Construction (Eastern) Ltd.

Description: Tenant fit-up on all floors of an eight-storey office building

Value: $9,816,349



(1201 Ohio St.)

Contractor: Longwood Building Corp.

Description: Construct 36 condominium units with one level of underground parking

Value: $6,200,000


3759 Conroy Rd.

Contractor: Unknown

Description: Demolish a two-storey detached dwelling

Value: $5,920,000


The Ottawa Hospital

(501 Smyth Rd.)

Contractor: Unknown

Description: Interior alterations on the second floor of an eight-storey institutional building

Value: $3,000,000


Canada Post

(19 Colonnade Rd.)

Contractor: SiteCast Construction

Description: Construct a one-storey industrial building

Value: $2,685,000


Toys “R” Us

(5661 Hazeldean Rd.)

Contractor: Unknown

Description: Construct a one-storey retail building

Value: $2,475,000


Ottawa Jama’at Khana Mosque

(3225 Conroy Rd.)

Contractor: Unknown

Description: Construct a two-storey institutional building

Value: $2,000,000



(2685 Iris St.)

Contractor: Aecon Construction Group

Description: Tenant fit-up in a one-storey retail building

Value: $2,000,000


307 LeBreton St. S.

Contractor: Canci Realty Investments Inc. & Locmelis Realty Inc.

Description: Construct a three-storey, 29-unit apartment building

Value: $1,470,000


Sir Frederick G. Banting Research Centre

251 Sir Frederick Banting Drwy.

Contractor: Laurin & Co.

Description: Interior alterations on the third and fourth floor of a four-storey commercial building

Value: $1,458,000


Thomas D’Arcy McGee Building

(90 Sparks St.)

Contractor: Unknown

Description: Interior alterations on the first floor of a 13-storey office building

Value: $1,405,720


4456 Limebank Rd.

Contractor: Urbandale Corp.

Description: Construct a one-storey commercial shopping plaza

Value: $1,357,195


1344 Youville Dr.

Contractor: Cubit Power Systems Inc.

Description: Install solar panels on the roof of a two-storey commercial building

Value: $1,200,000


2214 Conley Rd.

Contractor: Unknown

Description: Construct a two-storey detached dwelling with attached garage

Value: $1,000,000

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