Small business owners chat with Desjardins Group about opportunities and pain points.
Today, Weggon Allen is the proud co-owner of Lenz Studio, one of Ottawa’s premiere photo and video studios, but many years ago his life was like something out of a Hollywood movie.
Some of the best ideas go unnoticed because they’re so simple, they simply work.
Under the agreement with a limited number of noteholders, the Smiths Falls-based cannabis company will acquire the 4.25 per cent unsecured convertible senior notes due in 2023.
Alongside wellness, art and games, organization offers customized one-on-one training and support sessions as well as workplace volunteering programs and workshops.
“I always say I’m so excited, but that word isn’t big enough for how we feel about this next step,” said Kindell. “It kind of feels like Christmas morning.”
Sutcliffe, a founder and former publisher of OBJ, has deep connections to Ottawa’s business community.
After four years of forecasting and analysis, the Mrak family saw that locating their new Porsche dealership across the street from where their father, Louis Mrak, founded the family business in 1959…
Co-founder of Ottawa software powerhouse Assent Compliance has a new venture aimed at tackling the planet's growing food sustainability challenges.
After leading their ventures to new heights despite the pandemic, the founders of some of Ottawa’s top companies took time out to kick back, relax and celebrate their accomplishments on Monday night.