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The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative has raised more than $8 million from investors and financed 21 solar projects in Ottawa and eastern Ontario.
As the return to physical workspaces looms, this is a critical and transformational moment for collaboration among leaders to reimagine the future of work.
Bradley Bezan, Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Meseret Haileyesus, Dr. Samuel Hetz, Taylor Johansen, Benjamin Leikin and Allan Reesor-McDowell are among this year's recipients.
Plus, news about other Ottawa-area executives, managers and professionals starting new positions.
Earlier this year, Heritage Canada suggested it was looking at staging a live show after last year’s festivities were scrapped due to the pandemic.
Big-box behemoth, whose Canadian subsidiary is headquartered on Hunt Club Road, posted revenues of $30.2 billion in 2020, up 6.6 per cent from a year earlier.
Roberto Aburto, Cynthia Benoit, Matthew Carr, Elnaz Kanani K., Chris Murray and Emilie Wilcox are among this year's recipients.
The organization behind Lansdowne Live says it will offer small businesses a chance to open short-term storefronts at the 40-acre site starting this fall.
Airport boss Mark Laroche says he’s still awaiting word on when the feds will reopen the terminal to direct flights from U.S. and international destinations.