Techopia Live: Inside omNovos’s M&A playbook

Nearly five years ago to the day, omNovos was spun off from its parent company, DataKinetics.

Using its data-mining expertise, omNovos helps retail clients including  FarmBoy, Olly Fresco’s and a fashion retailer in Brazil understand their customers’ behaviours and engage them on multiple channels.

Alongside its impressive organic growth, omNovos has also scaled up through acquisitions and has joined forces with two companies on the West Coast in recent years.

OBJ360 (Sponsored)

Tech companies considering a growth-by-acquisition strategy face several questions.

How do you evaluate a prospective acquisition? And once it’s complete, how does a firm unlock the full value of the combined entity?

Watch the video above to hear how omNovos approached these questions and to hear expert insights from Techopia Live sponsor Stratford Managers.

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