Stratford Intellectual Property offers CEOs peace of mind over IP protection

Stratford Managers IP
Stratford Managers IP
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Stratford Managers Corp. has formally branded its full-service intellectual property agency, Stratford Intellectual Property, in response to growing demand for its comprehensive and unique strategic intellectual property services.

Designed to proactively protect IP assets and scale company valuation, Stratford Intellectual Property acts as a full-service virtual IP manager (VIPM™) to tailor, implement and execute an IP strategy that supports an organization’s business needs and goals.

With a unique blend of IP and business expertise, the Stratford Intellectual Property team includes certified patent agents and strategic advisors experienced in every aspect of the IP lifecycle. The team leans in to foster a culture of innovation and optimize an organization’s IP portfolio to reduce risk and increase ROI while removing the burden of IP accountability typically assigned to a key executive.

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Stratford Intellectual Property is focused on providing innovators with strategic and hands-on intellectual property support in line with their business objectives. It’s not just about filing patents – it’s about providing organizations with a virtual IP management service to help them: 

  • Achieve maximum valuation
  • Improve the ability to close a financing or acquisition;
  • Inform product investment decisions through regular searches of the patent database;
  • Broaden IP strategy by considering various strategic approaches such as trade secrets;
  • Minimize the cost of creating, growing and maintaining an IP portfolio; 
  • Strengthen innovation culture; 
  • Eliminate the burden of IP management from busy executives; and
  • Mitigate the risk of litigation, investment loss and opportunity loss.

For organizations looking to maximize their valuation, mitigate the risk of litigation and decrease spending on IP management, Stratford Intellectual Property is the ideal solution. With the VIPM service, the client’s IP portfolio is always ready for due diligence scrutiny or for reporting to boards and investors. Executives have quick and easy access to the information they need when they need it, without the stress and hassle of file and data management.

Stratford Intellectual Property

“IP is one of the most valuable assets of a company and it is often managed in a piecemeal reactive manner,” says Natalie Giroux, managing director of Stratford Intellectual Property. “Without proper IP protection and management, companies put themselves at risk for litigation, lose out on funding opportunities, miss market and product opportunities and affect their company’s valuation.”

Gain insight into how comprehensive our approach to Intellectual Property management is by downloading the guide The 16 Common Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to IP Strategy at This guide was created after working for more than 25 years helping organizations build, protect and get the full value from their intellectual property.

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