Fastest Growing Companies

It seems only fitting that Decisive Technologies and its sister firm, BriteSky Technologies, finished back-to-back on this year’s list of Ottawa’s fastest-growing companies.
What do you do when you are told to find 180 qualified consultants in a month? That’s exactly the situation that Ottawa placement firm NewFound Recruiting faced last August.
Good graphic design can help elevate a business to new heights ​– but it’s not always easy to create, even when the talent or inspiration is there.
One of a multitude of Ottawa tech companies that have sprung up in the wake of Shopify’s rise to e-commerce superstardom, Arctic Leaf believes it’s ready to graduate from supporting playe
Solink is no stranger to OBJ’s fastest-growing companies list.
Despite enjoying revenue growth most other companies can only dream of, the founders of the Keynote Group took a good, long look in the mirror last year and determined big changes were in
The irony in Lightship Security’s back story is not lost on Jason Lawlor.
The founders of Lightenco don’t want any of the credit for the company’s growth. That goes to their spouses, says Ray del Cojo.
An ever-expanding web of government red tape isn’t usually thought of as a strong catalyst for business growth.