Shopify ranks third among top global tech employers: survey

Shopify HQ

Toronto’s e-commerce giant Shopify ranks among the best tech employers in the world, according to a recent survey by jobs platform

No, that’s not a typo.

The report, which surveyed more than 2,000 tech employees to rank their interests in global technology brands on the basis of compensation, company culture and other measures of “value,” did indeed rank Shopify third in the world, just behind SpaceX and Google and above firms such as Tesla, Netflix and Facebook.

But employees from Shopify’s Ottawa headquarters and elsewhere in the city weren’t included in the survey. Toronto was the only Canadian market surveyed, and so the firm’s global brand is tied to that city, where the firm’s headcount stands at around 300.

Ottawa-based Shopify scored 83 points based on’s methodology, which was 34 points higher than any other tech firm in Toronto, which must be embarrassing for firms actually based in the city.

Petty geopolitics aside, Shopify’s brand still clearly has sway over the thousands surveyed. says the company is “setting itself apart as a champion of company culture.”

Shopify and Sydney-based Atlassian were the only two firms to make the top 10 based outside of California. Other companies making the list of top Canadian firms include FreshBooks, Kijiji, Hootsuite Media and Wattpad.

In general, respondents told that they were most interested in compensation and benefits, followed by opportunities to learn new skills and company culture.