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This month, think of CHEO when giving thanks

Monthly donors can now double their donation thanks to DORE Property Management


As families prepare to gather around the table and reflect on what they are thankful for this year, the CHEO Foundation is hopeful that the community will include the care and services provided by the team at CHEO – and join the Foundation’s monthly donor program.

Monthly donors are an integral piece of the puzzle at CHEO, as they provide sustainable funding for the hospital, making it easier to support various programs, purchase life-saving equipment for its patients and fund research, enabling children from infancy through to their teenage years to live their best lives.

As the demand for services at the hospital continues to rise – touching the lives of thousands of children every year – and a youth mental health crisis unfolds in the community, the need for funding is ever increasing, says Chantal Charbonneau, director of annual giving at the CHEO Foundation, making the support from monthly donors even more important.

“Monthly donors allow us to commit funds to the hospital with no reservation,” says Charbonneau. “Families in the community can count on us because we can count on our donors to be there.”   

Double your dollar with DORE

And now, thanks to the generous support of DORE Property Management, monthly donors are having a bigger impact than ever in 2021.

DORE is matching all new monthly donations, up to $50,000, for the remainder of the year, making it the perfect time to become a hero for CHEO, says Dan Doré, president of DORE Property Management.

Business owners can incorporate giving into their monthly budget, he says, alleviating the need to revisit corporate donations at the end of the year and ensuring your dollar is having maximum impact on those who need it most.

“As a business owner, giving back to the community I am a part of just makes sense,” says Doré, who has been a monthly donor at CHEO for more than a decade. “I am hoping that others are encouraged to do the same now that their dollar can go twice as far.”

For Doré, giving to CHEO began even before he became a father, but he truly came to appreciate the full impact of his monthly donation when his son was born premature and needed surgery at barely 10-days old.

Having a hospital in Ottawa that is equipped with the tools and staff needed to care for children and families at their most vulnerable points is not something we should take for granted, he says.

“Everyday parents are facing these types of challenges, but knowing there is a place in your community that you can trust with the health of your child is life changing,” he says. “If helping to fund that care is as easy as setting up an automatic monthly donation, why not do your part?”

Giving thanks to CHEO

Monthly donors help fund critical programs and initiatives at CHEO including:

  • Patient and family support programs
  • Pediatric research
  • CHEO’s Child Life Program
  • Virtual healthcare
  • Social work programs and more!

To find out how you can help the children and families at CHEO or to become a monthly donor visit