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Telling the Ottawa story

Sueling Ching, president and CEO of the Ottawa Board of Trade

The Ottawa Board of Trade is the voice of business and a key advocate for economic development in our National Capital Region.

Our mission is to cultivate a thriving, world class business community. One that drives affordable, inclusive, and sustainable city building and community prosperity.

It’s why we regularly convene local leaders from every sector and corner of our community.

We discuss the strengths and opportunities in Ottawa that will shape the future of our city, and design recommendations for how to invest our resources to ensure long term growth as a means for addressing our biggest challenges.

The common theme in these conversations is the importance of telling the Ottawa story clearly and eagerly.

Every business leader, citizen and visitor can be an Ottawa ambassador and advocate. Every elected official, employee, entrepreneur, and executive has a choice to share what is unique about Ottawa and elevate our global profile.

As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa enjoys many advantages and amenities.

However, it can also be difficult when global news outlets commonly refer to the “federal government” as “Ottawa.” Sometimes it confuses our brand.

That’s why it’s more important for all of us to double down on our positive messaging and tell the real Ottawa story.

Building on our strengths

Culture. Ottawa boasts a vibrant, multicultural community, with people from all walks of life and various corners of the world. This diversity gives us a unique richness with a wide range of culinary options, festivals, and events that celebrate different cultures. Our welcoming atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging, attracting people from around the world.

History. Ottawa is steeped in history including the iconic Parliament Hill, historic landmarks, and museums. All are a testament to Canada's journey as a nation and showcase its artistic and cultural contributions. We are the perfect place for citizens, students, and visitors to explore the roots of our nation and learn about its diverse heritage.

Innovation. Ottawa is home to several prestigious universities and research institutions that foster innovation, making the region a hub for cutting-edge technology. Our thriving tech ecosystem including our deep roots, fresh founders, start ups and tech talent attracts the best entrepreneurs, investors, and job seekers.

Lifestyle. Ottawa consistently ranks as a top livable city globally. Our clean streets, ample green spaces, and low crime rates contribute to a high quality of life. Our world class health care and education as well as our plethora of sports, entertainment and recreational activities make Ottawa a have-it-all city for attracting entrepreneurs, employees, and executives.

Nature. Ottawa is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes including the world-famous Gatineau Park, the Ottawa River, and the Rideau Canal. Our four distinct seasons allow citizens and visitors to enjoy warm summers and snowy winters, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and offering diverse activities year-round.

Be an Ambassador!

The Ottawa Board continues to work with our passionate business and community leaders as well as economic partners at every level of government to ensure we focus on an inclusive growth agenda and reach the full potential of our amazing city.

Get involved! You can positively impact our local economy by making it a priority to share the Ottawa story within your local and global network.

Encourage others to do the same. We are sharing a few resources to support you and calibrate our story.

  1. Come to Ottawa. A portal designed to share updated information on why Ottawa is a great place to: Live & Learn, Work & Invest, Visit & Play. Curated by Ottawa Economic Partners.
  2. Canada in One City. An online resource to make it easy for you to integrate our Ottawa brand whether you are talking to businesses, citizens, students, or visitors.
  3. Why Ottawa. An information, news, and resource page to learn all you need to know about entering or scaling in the global tech hub in Ottawa.
  4. Capital Magazine. A digital and print publication designed to highlight exciting news about Ottawa businesses, our economy, and opportunities.
  5. Buy Local Ottawa. And our OBOT marketplace promote local businesses that drive our economy, create jobs, support local causes, and create community and culture.

The future success of the Ottawa region relies on the active involvement of you. And all of us.

Our commitment to ambassadorship, local businesses, volunteering, and participating in future thinking conversations contribute to our collective prosperity.

Today, and for the next generation. Together, we will.

Yours in prosperity, Sueling

Sueling Ching
President & CEO | Ottawa Board of Trade

About the Ottawa Board of Trade

The Ottawa Board of Trade is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan member driven business association.

We are the voice of business and a key advocate for economic growth in
our Nation’s Capital. Our mission is to cultivate a thriving world class business community in Ottawa by influencing economic development through leadership and partnerships.

One that drives affordable, inclusive, sustainable city-building. We represent businesses at all three levels of government and support business growth through relevant benefits and programs.

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