Invest Ottawa

A new offering from BlackBerry could spur the development of new autonomous vehicle technologies with Ottawa acting as ground zero for the pilot program
Ottawa Flowers Inc. has acquired Givopoly, a made-in-Ottawa platform that helps shoppers anywhere in the world buy gifts from businesses in the recipient's local area
The quest to find a new home for the internet in Ottawa has reached a satisfying conclusion
A Norwegian firm designing tech to help aging adults stay active has landed in Ottawa with plans to grow
As the National Capital Region approaches a population of two million, property developers and managers are rethinking how to create an urban environment for a new generation of workers and residents
Local economic development agency officially launched its IO Accelerator last week alongside the Waterloo Accelerator Centre.
Ottawa-based employees worked primarily on the Alexa voice platform, which powers Amazon’s Echo “smart” speaker that connects with home automation and web services
Bayview Yards is looking for a new vendor to run its digital media laboratory and manufacturing shop roughly one year after the facilities first opened
Forty startups – some new to the Invest Ottawa brand, some familiar names – will join the economic development agency’s new accelerator program
Richards, the founder behind Ottawa startups numbercrunch and Givopoly, will take over the role from Nokia Networks’ David Ritonja