Public Works

Public Works is seeking a "maintenance service" contractor for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for several buildings in the national capital.
Public Works says it is considering various redevelopment options for a storied downtown office building currently in "critical" physical condition.
Public Works officials provided the first in-depth glimpse of its redevelopment plans for Tunney's Pasture on Monday evening, offering two options that would both add millions of square feet of off
There appears to be a change of heart among top Public Works officials about discussing the federal government's office space needs in public.
More than three years after a consultant started drafting plans for the redevelopment of Tunney's Pasture, the federal government says it will hold a series of consultations over the future of the
Public Works says it is looking for a contractor to provide auditing services on three massive construction projects underway in the Parliamentary precinct.
Public Works plans to dispose of 14 government-owned buildings in the National Capital Region in the coming years, according to an internal government report.
Government department Public Works is looking for more warehouse space on the east side of Ottawa.
Public Works is on the hunt for a leaseable warehouse space on the east side of Ottawa, available for the next five years.
Public Works property branch questions future public speeches