An Ottawa company that connects vehicles to users’ home devices will soon see its tech on the dashboards of Subaru cars
The National Research Council might have just taken the first step towards eliminating the need for physical archives with a new blockchain-based database developed by an Ottawa firm
A local startup has secured a couple of back-to-back deals that will see its public safety applications integrated into the City of Ottawa’s Fire Services and emergency response teams across the world
Aetonix Systems, which develops a platform that connects health-care professionals to patients and their families, is one of seven companies joining CTA Boston’s fall 2018 cohort
STACS DNA's software is purported to reduce delays in newborn specimen shipping that could prevent a child’s serious health condition from worsening later in life
Research from Carleton University might help make new buildings more energy efficient with the help of some fresh federal funding
After an ill-fated decision to branch out into original game development, Fuel will once again focus on the advertising work that first set it apart.
A local consulting company is launching a new venture aimed at helping others tap into the marketing power of Google Analytics, a process that’s less straightforward than one might think
Participants are coming in to the program with the skills and ambition to build a successful startup, the program lead says.
In a statement, iBIONICS CEO and co-founder Suzanne Grant said the extra cash will set the firm up to raise an equity round later this fall.