OAX Association Recovery Roundtable

Five questions, five association CEOs, 25 strategic insights

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Associations are a vital part of Canada’s economy. 

The OTUS Association Exchange (OAX) is an annual survey and benchmarking of Canada’s associations. The objective is to provide association executives with information about how their peers and competitors approach common business problems. 

In 2020, OAX focused on the top risks facing associations during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, this focus has shifted toward support and recovery measures.

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In collaboration with AMCES and The Write Paige Inc., OAX hosted an Association Recovery Roundtable in December 2020. We gathered virtually with five chief executive officers, selected from a cross-section of Canada’s associations, to learn about their experiences during the pandemic and hear their perspectives about recovery.

Roundtable panelists

Marion Crowe – Chief executive officer, First Nations Health Managers Association

Dan Kelly – President and chief executive officer, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Bob Masterson – President and chief executive officer, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Anthony Norejko – President and chief executive officer, Canadian Business Aviation Association

Dr. Carolyn Pullen – Chief executive officer, Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Discussion topics

  • What have you learned from COVID-19 that you will carry forward?
  • What are your association’s greatest needs for recovery?
  • What are you doing to engage with government decision-makers?
  • What are your most significant challenges and how are you addressing them?
  • What measures are you taking to retain members?

This report

This report is a summary of discussion highlights and strategic insights shared by our roundtable panel members. 

As you persevere in this next phase of recovery and resilience, we hope the perspectives of these association leaders inspire greater agility in your strategic thinking, decision-making and planning.

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