Megan Wallace, lawyer, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall

2017 Forty Under 40 recipient

Megan Wallace
Megan Wallace

Age: 39

Birthplace: Utrecht, Netherlands

Company: Full-service law firm

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Education: Bachelor of laws, University of Ottawa (2009); bachelor of arts with distinction in sociology, Carleton University (2002)

Charitable involvement: Youville Centre

Biggest biz achievement: I am the most proud of having built strong relationships with my clients – I feel very lucky to work with people who feel they can rely on me and to be able to support them in the work they are doing.

Biggest obstacle: Becoming a parent at a young age was certainly not easy. That being said, it was an incredible source of motivation and has been a key factor in me becoming the person that I am today.  

Biggest influence: I think my children have been the biggest influence on me. I have been parenting my entire adult life, so my decisions in going to school and starting my career have been made with them in mind.  

Biggest lesson learned: Be direct with people and have the hard conversations early. People tend to avoid difficult topics, but approaching a contentious issue head-on as opposed to making assumptions can save you a lot of trouble.  

First job: Counter staff and food preparation employee at a French gourmet food store.

Advice I’d give the younger me: Be less afraid to take risks and speak your mind. I think women are taught to play it safe and discouraged from being frank – and I think the more quickly we can shake off those lessons and find our voices, the better off we are.  

Favourite pastime: Trying to convince my very old dog that he wants to go on a longer walk.

I’m currently reading: Disease and History by Frederick Fox Cartwright

Favourite local pro sports team: Ottawa Senators

Favourite local summer event: Canada Day

Preferred social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram

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