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New technologies like AI are essential as a doubling of global passengers over the next two decades strains air traffic control, airport and aircraft systems, according to data from the International…
Vocal user interfaces, greater 'augmented intelligence' are on the horizon.
Hoping to implement an IP strategy rather than applying for patents ad hoc, Zighra reached out to Stratford Managers
Drawing squares around photos of cars and making sense of speech are invaluable tasks for advancing artificial intelligence, and it's how many around the world are making a living.
Deal comes as corporate interest in AI and its potential continues to mount.
Canada is at the centre of research charting new ways to mine big data with implications for everything from better medical diagnoses to self-driving cars.
Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is an advisor to one of the contributing funds
A Montreal startup said Thursday it is getting US$102 million from Microsoft, Intel and several other investors to fund the company's goal of becoming a leader in artificial intelligence,
Ottawa’s Advanced Symbolics is building a brisk business out of taking the pulse of public sentiment, and it’s doing so without ever picking up the phone.
A senior Bank of Canada official says while the country's poised to reap economic benefits from technological progress, it must also brace for potentially painful side effects like job losses and g