An Ottawa company that develops mobile communications satellite systems has inked a five-year contract with one of its reselling partners that could be worth up to US$2 million.
The firm’s 30 employees, most of whom are in engineering roles, are expected to remain in Ottawa
Both firms have a sizable presence in Ottawa.
Tehama is a SaaS platform aimed at enterprise clients that rely on numerous freelancers, remote workers and third-party vendors.
Firm is banking on its fiscal 2018 will soon be little more than a bad memory.
Federal government poised to become 'a large reference customer' for Ottawa tech firm.
Firm currently has 30 staff members locally and plans to add a further 15 employees.
Ottawa tech firm develops customer experience software for the likes of General Motors and the Beer Store.
When a missile gets within striking distance of a drone, it explodes, frying the potentially sensitive information on the hardware and deploying a latex cloud that snares the drone’s propellers and…
The Ottawa company, which supplies generators, heater and air conditions, has 200 employees across Ontario and Quebec