EOBJ editor’s note: Here’s to many more years of growth


How wonderful it is to celebrate some of Eastern Ontario’s fastest-growing companies!

Somehow it seems even more wonderful as we disentangle ourselves from the unprecedented challenges of the past couple of years and find ourselves facing (not quite so unprecedented) issues around inflation, low unemployment and supply chain restrictions. It is impressive that our fastest-growing companies are experiencing such rapid rates of growth despite the turbulence we continue to experience. You can read all about them in the latest issue of EOBJ.

I must say, as I’ve taken up the reins of the Eastern Ontario Business Journal as editor, I’ve been amazed to learn about such a range of innovative and resilient businesses and entrepreneurs. From the smallest things, such as bespoke hats or a welcoming and inclusive cafe, to the giant logistics and manufacturing facilities of some of the world’s largest companies, it seems there is nothing that cannot take root and grow in our region. Not to mention the fabulous tourist attractions and delicious eats — my list of staycation activities has definitely expanded.

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This is why it is no surprise that our top 10 fastest-growing companies are such a diverse bunch: a staffing agency, a wonton-maker, a luxury houseboat purveyor, a pyrotechnic company, a welding shop, to name a few. It’s truly testament to the ability of our region to attract and support a variety of businesses and set them on the track to success.

Of course, rapid growth brings its own challenges, many of which have been exacerbated in the current business environment — access to talent and other basic infrastructure springs to mind. We know there is work to be done to continue to develop and build Eastern Ontario into a hotbed for businesses of all stripes.

If you’ve been following our coverage and listening to our EOBJ Podcasts, you know we’ve been talking about not only the incredibly tight labour market, but also the need for more housing and the necessity of accessible rural internet. There are undoubtedly a host of other issues, especially as we look into a future that will almost certainly involve a fundamental shift from fossil fuels to other forms of power. A hot topic at the recent Ontario East Municipal Conference was electric vehicles and the ramifications that technology would have on our industries — including the agricultural sector.

Our local, provincial and federal governments have done much to support the region over many years, but that dialogue has to continue. We must bring our issues to the forefront and make our case for working together to the betterment of our communities. This is where I hope the Eastern Ontario Business Journal can help. We want to hear your stories and to learn about your ventures. And we want to highlight and discuss the issues that have the potential to limit your growth — or to expedite it.

My email is always open and I’m eager to keep learning about this vast region we call Eastern Ontario. You can reach me at anne@obj.ca.

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