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Elevate your client and employee experience with the Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators crowd cheering Stanley Cup

The Ottawa Senators are making waves in the community, and it’s no surprise.

What could be better than bonding with clients, connecting with fellow professionals, and enjoying the camaraderie of your work team, all while savouring delicious food, great company, and thrilling hockey action? The Canadian Tire Centre stands as the ultimate hub for these unforgettable experiences.

When it comes to planning your outing, the Canadian Tire Centre offers a variety of options tailored to suit your budget and preferences. Let’s delve into the exciting possibilities:

1. Client and employee entertainment in style – Private Suites

Because every business has different needs, the Canadian Tire Centre has several flexible options for reserving suites and wow-ing clients.

From leases (starting at $17,500) to a suite bank (the ultimate in flexibility starting at $7,500), you’ll find just what you need to get the most ROI for your entertainment budget.

2. Exclusivity creates lasting impressions – Club Bell

The prestigious Club Bell is an embodiment of exclusivity. This premium club experience includes an all-you-can-eat gourmet buffet, private bar, dedicated parking, and a separate entrance – a perfect recipe for leaving an indelible mark on your clients.

For a truly unforgettable encounter, Club Bell is the prime choice to host your next client and deliver an exceptional experience that will resonate.

3. A memorable time, every time – Suite Nights

When it’s time to throw your next holiday bash, look no further than the Canadian Tire Centre.

With suites available to accommodate 12 to 182 people, you can host an unforgettable party while rallying your team to cheer on the Sens. It’s the ideal blend of celebration, camaraderie, and exhilarating hockey action.

4. The ultimate fan experience – Staff Ticket Offers

Why not be the hero for your die-hard Sens fans? Offer your employees the thrill of discounted Sens tickets for the entire season.

With a personalized promo code, you’re not just boosting team morale, but also giving your employees the chance to experience the excitement of the game firsthand.

Value-added benefits of hosting at the Canadian Tire Centre:

Supporting the community: By choosing the Canadian Tire Centre for your events, you’re also contributing to the local community. It’s a win-win situation that extends beyond your immediate gathering.

A memorable evening of fun: Whether you’re entertaining clients or rewarding your team, the Canadian Tire Centre promises an evening filled with joy, excitement, and memories that will linger.

For a deeper dive into the premium entertainment packages available at the Tire Centre, or to explore alternative options from the Ottawa Senators, complete with their unique perks and considerations, simply visit us here.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your experience is exceptional from start to finish.

Elevate your client interactions, bolster team spirit, and embrace the excitement that only the Ottawa Senators can provide. Join us in creating moments that resonate long after the final goal is scored.

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