City Hall

Andrii Bukvych called on Ottawa’s business community for support surrounding the ongoing war in Ukraine.
The province confirmed today that it will match the municipal property tax reduction put forward by Ottawa city council.
Increasingly, politics has become a career path in which the drawbacks outweigh the incentives and the risks are greater than the rewards.
Ottawa's longtime mayor – who announced Friday he won't be running for re-election – praised as a "strong advocate" for local entrepreneurs.
Mayor announced Friday that he is moving on from the job he has held for nearly the last 12 years when his current term ends.
Increase would see the average urban homeowner’s tax bill jump $119 to $4,086, while the average commercial property owner’s tax bill would rise $242 to $8,312.
Owners of residential properties that are vacant more than 184 days a year will have a one per cent tax tacked onto their annual property tax bill.
Bird Canada, Lime and Neuron have won bids to deliver the two-wheeled electric vehicles in the second year of the scooter pilot.
Longtime city employee became a familiar face as he oversaw construction of the $2.1-billion Confederation Line.
Change is part of new rules aimed at more tightly regulating properties rented out on Airbnb and similar platforms.