Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services

This profile originally appeared in the 2018-19 Giving Guide. Read the full magazine here.

Canadian Blood Services is Canada’s biological lifeline. We are the connection between the sincere generosity of donors and the heartfelt appreciation of recipients, between the profound discoveries of science and the joyful restoration of health. We are nationally responsible for a secure, reliable, accessible and sustainable system of life essentials for transfusion or transplantation including blood, plasma, stem cells as well as organs and tissues. By making your financial gift to Canadian Blood Services, you play an integral role in helping connect patients with the lifesaving products and services they need most. You are part of the infinite connections that keep Canadians living. Together, we help every patient, match every need, and serve every Canadian. Thank you for helping us save lives.

Canadian Blood Services
The first annual #DonateForDustin Memorial Golf Tournament, held at the Mississippi Golf Club in Almonte, raised $17,000 for Canadian Blood Services. Their donation helped grow and expand our lifesaving programs.

At a glance

Year founded: 1998

Geographic region of focus: National. In the domain of blood, plasma and stem cells, we provide services for patients on behalf of all provincial and territorial governments except Quebec. The national transplant registry for interprovincial organ sharing and related programs reaches into all provinces and territories.

Total revenue for last fiscal year: $1,209,317,995

Top funding sources: 

  • Government: 99.87%
  • Individual donations: 0.09%
  • Corporate donations: 0.04%

How you can help


No matter how you and your corporation chooses to give – as a philanthropic supporter, blood, plasma, stem cell or organ and tissues donor – you are making a lifesaving difference for Canadian patients. We seek funding from individuals and corporations for strategic projects that align with your core values.


A single donation can make a lifesaving difference to someone in need. Imagine the impact your entire organization can have when you work as a team. Many organizations, institutions and communities across Canada have volunteered to be a part of the reason — the connection that keeps Canadians living. Through our corporate #PartnersForLife program, you and your employees have the opportunity to give meaningfully and accomplish team goals, while seeing firsthand the integral role you play as part of Canada’s lifeline.

Canadian Blood Services
To give thanks for Canada’s warm welcome, members of Ottawa’s Syrian community presented a cheque in the amount $2,500, as well as made a group blood donation, as part of Syrian Canadian Donation Day on April 14. Their donation helped fund programs aimed at recruiting the next generation of blood donors.

Join Canada's lifeline

Blood for Life

Cancer patients, transplant recipients, accident victims – for these people and so many more, a timely transfusion of blood and/or blood products can be the lifesaving difference. Your charitable support funds programs aimed at recruiting the next generation of blood donors and helps to modernize our collection centres.

Stem Cells for Life

Stem cells are used to treat more than 80 diseases and disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma and aplastic anemia. The majority of successful stem cell transplant matches take place between donors and patients of the same ethnic background. That is why it is imperative to build a stem cell registry that reflects Canada’s ethnic diversity. Your financial gifts support recruitment and education efforts to help build a stem cell registry that can provide more matches to patients waiting for a life-saving transplant. 

Organs and Tissues for Life

At any given moment approximately 4,500 Canadians are waiting for organ transplants. A single organ donor can save up to eight lives, but each year, hundreds will die waiting for the right match. Financial donors support Canadian Blood Services in leading national collaborative work aimed at strengthening the organ and tissue donation and transplantation system in Canada. In 2018, the 1,000th kidney transplant was made possible through our pan-Canadian Kidney Paired Donation and Highly Sensitized Patient programs. 

Board members and executives

Canadian Blood Services
Dr. Graham D. Sher, CEO (left) and Mel Cappe, chair.

Glenda Yeates

Dr. Kevin Glasgow
Consumer nominee,
co-chair, national liaison committee

David Lehberg
Consumer nominee, co-chair, national liaison committee

Wayne Gladstone
General nominee, medical, scientific, technical, business and public health

Kelly Butt
General nominee

Suromitra Sanatani
General nominee, medical, scientific, technical, business and public health

Dunbar Russel
Regional nominee (Ontario)

Craig Knight
Regional nominee (British Columbia and Yukon)

Mike Shaw
Regional nominee (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut)

Dr. Jeff Scott
Regional nominee (Atlantic Canada)

Anne McFarlane
General nominee

Judy Steele
General nominee

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