City Hall

More rideshare change appears to be on the way, as the city is preparing for Lyft to expand into Ottawa in the near future. 
Hard Rock Casinos Ottawa has the green light for a 67 per cent increase in the number of gaming tables at the Rideau Carleton Raceway from 21 to 35.
Ottawa's bylaw chief says compliance with city rules "is very high."
When transit levies and garbage fees are included, the average urban homeowner will pay the city $3,724 next year, an increase of $76 over 2017.
In this not-so-distant future, autonomous vehicles will need to communicate with smart infrastructure, and a connected home could call a plumber on its own if the basement pipes spring a leak.
Roadway redesign comes as city prepares to decommission Transitway
Developer says cumbersome approval process, not company, is to blame.
Steve Willis, the new city planning boss says playing to neighbourhoods’ individual strengths is a key to growing Ottawa’s economy
While Ottawa’s central downtown population grew at the fastest rate last year, data from the city’s annual development report show neighbourhoods just outside of the greenbelt are gaining ground.
Transit advocates told an equity summit at City Hall that as the LRT system opens up, the city has to pay attention to the development around the new stations.