City Hall

Mayor Jim Watson says the motion is meant to protect Ottawa’s vulnerable citizens from payday loan businesses – outlets that offer quick cash in exchange for high interest rates on loans.
Orgaworld will spend $9.4 million on facility upgrades.
Experts are not anticipating a repeat of last year's flooding.
Issues were either with the system itself, its timing or the bus’s onboard speakers.
City staff say they do not expect the delay to prevent construction from starting in early 2019 as scheduled.
Wilkinson announces retirement, backs Sudds as her successor
Sudds will square off against former Ottawa Champions president David Gourlay for seat currently held by Marianne Wilkinson.
Former Ottawa Senators president Cyril Leeder will co-chair his campaign.
Joint venture plans to spend $318 million over six years to expand the gambling facility.
Light-rail line now scheduled to open in November.