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Zero per cent mortgage for a year? Unreserved makes it possible

anniversary ad
anniversary ad

If you’ve ever price shopped Uber or Lyft and took advantage of prices that were ridiculously low, congratulations you’ve witnessed first hand what happens when tech companies “buy down” the rates and compete for market share.

One Ottawa startup is now buying down your interest rate to effectively zero per cent! If you buy a home directly through between July 18 to 31, the company will buy down your interest rate up to three per cent or, buyers can take three per cent in the form of cash back upon closing. With interest rate hikes and significant price drops, this offer gives home buyers an opportunity to increase their purchasing power.

What’s the special occasion? It’s Unreserved’s 1-year anniversary and with over 250 homes sold and one billion dollars in pre-approvals, they have lots to celebrate.

Unreserved provides transparent bidding, in real time, so you know exactly how much you need to offer to secure your new home. Not to mention, a 12-month home warranty for peace of mind; and continuous home buyer incentives.

Unreserved also prides itself on being the only platform where there is no gatekeeper, meaning, anyone can browse an extensive catalog of available homes without signing up. Would-be buyers can also take advantage of researching market comparables and warranty reports before booking a private showing. This increased visibility is leading to a direct increase in buyer confidence, even in a declining market. 

Launched in July 2021, Unreserved is the first fully transparent real estate marketplace in Canada. For CEO Ryan O’Connor, bringing his vision to life meant building his new platform from a buyer’s perspective.

“Our model is to put our clients first, striving for innovative ways to save the buyers and sellers money,” says O’Connor.

Unreserved offers sellers white-glove services, such as, a dedicated staging team, construction services, full support from a team of property experts and an industry-leading price guarantee.