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Youth Services Bureau Foundation

YOUTH services

What we do

The Youth Services Bureau (YSB) is one of the largest and longest serving youth agencies in Ottawa, serving more than 3,000 youth each month in support of their well-being. YSB runs two emergency youth shelters and four apartment buildings, offers a range of free youth mental health services, provides youth employment support, as well as programs for youth in conflict with the law. Central to YSB’s work has been ensuring we have youth voices advising us, allowing us to continually adapt to serving the needs of young people and their families.

YSB staff – a group of more than 325 full and part-time professionals working from 22 locations – live the ethos of supporting youth regardless of where they live, what they look like, or whom they love. With services ranging from housing for vulnerable or previously homeless youth, to a crisis line and mental health walk-in clinics, to employment support, YSB’s work is broad and deep, serving youth of all ethnicities, faiths, and genders.


government funding: 91%

individual donations: 3%

corporate donations: 3%

other charities: 1%

Other sources: 2%

How you can help

Our community is experiencing an unprecedented increase in mental health crises among youth. They need compassionate and practical support now more than ever before. Donations ensure YSB’s mental health services are available free of charge, and that young people do not have to endure long wait lists while they are suffering. 

One of the major stressors for young people is safe, stable housing. Each year, more than 1400 youth find themselves homeless often due to conflict at home with upwards of 40% of those youth being part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. At YSB, they are welcomed into a supportive environment at its two shelters and four housing buildings, where housing, health, and a sense of community are top priorities.

Support from our corporate and community partners is not only life changing, it’s often life saving. Every young person deserves to feel seen, heard and cared for and that’s the commitment YSB staff make each and every day, with each and every youth that turns to us for support. 

Funding Priorities

The YSB Foundation’s fundraising priorities are focused on two major challenges for youth in our community: mental wellness and affordable housing. YSB is the lead agency for youth mental health in the Ottawa region and provides services for youth struggling with mental health challenges as well as support for their families. We are raising much-needed funds to ensure young people can access our Youth Mental Health Walk-In & Virtual Clinics, our 24/7 Crisis Phone Line & 24/7 Crisis Chat Service, our short-term live-in mental health centre, our mobile crisis team, as well as our two dedicated youth shelters, four housing buildings, and Youth Drop-In Centre. 

youth services

Events + Fundraising

Stay Up Ottawa

YSB welcomes workplace, family, and community teams to participate in its 10th annual Stay Up Ottawa virtual event. This bilingual event – complete with an online evening program on November 25th – brings together workplace teams, families, and neighbourhoods in an effort to raise awareness about homelessness, learn about YSB’s services and generate upwards of $200K in funds to ensure homeless youth can be housed and cared for at YSB’s two shelters and four housing buildings. While participants are creative about how they carry out the event, it is not intended to emulate the experiences of those who are unfortunately homeless in our city.

Mind Matters

YSB’s Mind Matters youth mental health event series provides practical information and guidance to parents, family members, educators, and the community. The series features youth, parents and YSB counsellors sharing their experiences, learnings and expertise. Mind Matters is about sharing strategies to best support young people in our lives who are experiencing mental health issues, and highlights YSB’s range of youth mental health services available – at no cost – to youth 12 and older and their families. 

Biggest success

YSB is a story of a community coming together and an organization adapting through the years to the needs of youth. Our work is successful when our clients get the support they need, when they need it. It’s about youth in our community learning life skills, finding shelter, getting jobs, returning to school, choosing a better path, and feeling hopeful about their future and their role in their community.

Contact info

Patti Murphy, Executive Director, YSB Charitable Foundation and 613-729-0577 ext. 50262 

YSB’s Stay Up Ottawa virtual event rallies the community with a goal to raise $200K to support previously homeless youth residing at its 2 shelters and 4 housing buildings

2675 Queensview Drive

Ottawa, ON

K2B 8K2

Year founded: 1960

Total revenue for last fiscal year: $$32,381,189


Twitter: @ysb_bsj

Facebook: @ysb.bsj

Instagram : ysb.bsj

LinkedIn: /youth-services-bureau-of-ottawa/about/ 



Patti Murphy – Executive Director, YSB Charitable Foundation

Isabelle Perreault – Chair, President & Founder, Differly



Rebecca Murray  – Carleton University

Scott Lawrence – HealthCraft Products Inc.

Martin Sampson – Canadian Parks and Recreation Association

Christopher Rheaume – Ottawa Police Service

Chris White – Canadian Meat Council

Maria McRae – Community Advocate, Lawyer

Balwinderjit Singh Kapoor  – MDS Aero Support Corporation

Justin Veale – Forest Products Association of Canada

Erika Falconer – RBC

Shawn Hamilton- Canderel

Christine Leadman- Bank St. BIA

Jennifer Stewart – Syntax Strategic

Geoff Publow – Myers Automotive Group 

Kate Dalgleish – Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs