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You can make a difference for the good of the planet – here’s how

Carbonbase offers an easy and rewarding way to offset your carbon footprint

Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint

Our impact on this planet can no longer be ignored. Climate change as a result of human activity is leading governments to put a price on carbon and regulatory agencies to increase the cost of emission.

Every person, every business or organization, has a carbon footprint that contributes to the problem. But it’s all too easy to believe there is nothing meaningful that the “little guy” can do to make a difference when the largest contributors are big industries running factories, power plants or global shipping fleets.

The team at Carbonbase is out to prove that you, your team and your organization can make a difference. 

Carbonbase is the brainchild of Max Song, a Silicon Valley data scientist turned entrepreneur, venture builder and investor. He and his team are bringing blockchain and data science to the global market for carbon credits to offset and reduce carbon emissions. 

Blockchain is a global system for encrypting and securing data, using a digital transaction ledger that is public. By applying blockchain technology, Carbonbase is ensuring that the business of carbon offset is accountable, transparent and secure.

“We want to encourage every person on earth to learn about climate change, incorporate more sustainable choices into their everyday lives and actively support projects that are making a real difference on the ground,” said Song.

How it works

Carbonbase’s platform has four components:

  • A personal calculator to help your or your organization discover your carbon footprint and understand how your choices impact the environment.
  • A simple way to offset your emissions footprint by supporting an array of highly vetted carbon offset projects around the world, which also advance the various UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Access to a global community of climate-conscious individuals where people can work together for our shared sustainable future.
  • A reward and incentive program – based on the steps you take to go green, Carbonbase’s growing roster of eco-friendly brands will offer you product discounts, prizes and experiences.

“We make it easy for you to see what changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint, or alternatively, invest in a worthwhile carbon offset project,” said Nick Edgar, Carbonbase’s director of software engineering. “We only support offset projects that have been certified to the internationally approved registries, such as Gold Standard, Verra, ACR and CAR. This ensures these projects are making a real and lasting impact.”

NFTs and Project Ark

Projects range from preserving rainforests, to building a new recycling plant in Romania, reducing the use of CO2-emitting cook stoves in Mozambique or bringing a biogas digester to rural China.  

Necessity, not charity

“We are a community where everyone can actively share in the success of these projects and be proud of the investment they have made,” said Jon O’Sullivan, business development manager at Carbonbase. “This is not charity – more regulation to fight climate change is coming, and you are investing in projects that do genuine good for us all while also creating genuine buy-in and brand recognition from your employees, your consumers and your investors.”

One of Carbonbase’s local supporters is OPIN Digital, which designs and builds digital web, mobile and app experiences.

“Organizations are facing increasing pressure to address their environmental impact, and a younger generation of workers are increasingly activist about saving our planet and expect their employers to go green,” said OPIN’s Ryan Pelicos. “Carbonbase offers a convenient and trustworthy way for everyone to make a real difference and be rewarded for their good choices.”

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