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Why now is the time for businesses to embrace Orléans

Next year, construction will start on one of the most transformative infrastructure projects in the history of Orléans.


The Confederation Line East extension will mean true rapid transit for Orléans. Five new stations – at Montreal Road, Jeanne d’Arc, Orléans Boulevard, Place d’Orléans and Trim Road – will bring 95 per cent of area residents within five kilometres of rail.

While this will reduce rush-hour congestion on Highway 174, the benefits of light-rail extend far beyond making it easier for local residents to commute to downtown jobs. The Confederation Line will spur job growth in Orléans and entice more skilled workers living across Ottawa to work here, especially as the city encourages higher-density mixed-use developments around transit stations.

Trains are scheduled to start running in 2023, which means the time is now to capitalize on this and other opportunities by relocating or establishing businesses in Orléans.

A new generation of entrepreneurs is already seizing upon Orléans’ highly educated and bilingual workforce, launching innovative businesses in the software, aerospace and telecom industries, among others.

Firms in other sectors, meanwhile, are serving Orléans’ growing and diverse population with craft breweries, fine dining establishments and creative arts-based businesses. For Orléans residents, there’s never been a better time to celebrate and support their local businesses.

These businesses contribute to the area’s already rich quality of life, which offers endless recreational trails and athletic opportunities, a thriving cultural scene, stunning waterfront scenery and an active volunteer community.

Adding to an already attractive investment environment is the high degree of political unity in Orléans, where politicians at all three levels of government – light-heartedly dubbed, “The Eastern Bloc” – closely co-operate to provide residents with the highest-quality public services.

All these opportunities are coming together at once, which will spur Orléans’ already strong business community to grow considerably in the coming years.

These stories and more are contained in a new magazine highlighting the successful entrepreneurs, economic opportunities and quality of life in Orléans. The digital copy of the magazine is available online here.

Now is the time to capitalize on Orléans’ skilled workforce, competitively priced commercial and industrial land close to light rail and its thriving community assets. Now is the time to consider Orléans for your business.