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Unplug, relax, think: Reinvigorate your career at Rosehill Cottage

Motivational retreats offer learning like you’ve never seen it

Rosehill Cottage
Rosehill Cottage

In the business world, training sessions can sometimes feel like a chore; something you’re reluctant to step away from your daily workload to attend.

Local entrepreneur Jim Cummings is turning that mindset on its ear with his new one-day motivational retreats at his luxurious lake house.

His goals are simple: create an environment where meaningful learning happens in a relaxed setting and deliver a session that is so much fun that attendees regard the day as a reward rather than an obligation.

With 35 years of business experience, Jim skillfully compresses all the lessons he has learned into one inspiring day. He has spent almost 30 years as a popular motivational speaker, in addition to delivering seminars on marketing and entrepreneurship to learners at various stages of their careers.

Jim Cummings

With Rosehill Cottage Motivational Retreats, Jim is leveraging his passion for public speaking and motivating others, delivering programs that have real-life applicability.

“I like to get people to think differently about themselves,” he explains. “I expect our guests will be highly skilled professionals who have probably heard many of these messages already, but they may not have heard them in a long time or they’ve forgotten them. I am confident that revisiting these lessons and being challenged to apply them will change their mindsets in a variety of positive ways.”

In addition to a lively program that includes interactive activities and relaxation time, a Rosehill Cottage retreat includes complimentary shuttle service from Ottawa plus gourmet cuisine prepared by Lisa Cummings, Rosehill’s director of food and beverage.

“Our programs are a very worthwhile investment in one’s career.”

In addition, guests will enjoy full use of the lakefront property and an end-of-day boat tour on one of the most beautiful lakes in the Outaouais.

“We believe that offering a truly memorable experience in the ideal setting will enable guests to leave refreshed, invigorated and filled with great ideas on how to take their career to the next level,” notes Jim.

The inaugural monthly retreat is taking place in July and Jim is excited about welcoming his first fifteen guests.

“The pace of change is so breakneck for many companies today that executives have a difficult time stepping away to regroup, but one day is possible and our programs are a very worthwhile investment in one’s career. Participants will come away with energy and enthusiasm plus concrete ideas and techniques to make both their lives and careers better.”

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