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Top tips for redesigning, subleasing or refreshing your office

How Ottawa businesses can bring their employees back

Real Strategy
Real Strategy

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By Darren Fleming, MBA CEO of Real Strategy Advisors.

During the first quarter of 2022, the market was relatively quiet but there was still lots of anticipation that we’d all shortly be going back to work. Strong leasing activity at the end of 2021 created this momentum, but between the Omicron variant, followed by the trucker convoy that besieged Ottawa’s downtown core, it was short-lived to say the least. Plans were back on hold. We’ve had a lot of conversations about hybrid work but not every workplace has been able to actually put it to the test.

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In the eighth volume of Real Spaces Magazine, we explore insights coming out of the first quarter of 2022 with respect to Ottawa and Gatineau’s office market. We’re continuing our focus on commercial subleasing with tips coming from our conversation with Laurie Sanderson, partner at Gowling WLG’s Ottawa office and leader of the firm’s National Commercial Leasing Group. We also caught up with our client Danielle St-Aubin, CEO of Tree Canada, to discuss their new office space, with input from Gillean Woods, principal at TRUform Interiors, in our Construction & Layout entry.

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Tips for successful subleasing

Whether your organization is downsizing or moving toward a more hybrid working model, subleasing is a great way to recoup rental costs and create extra cash flow when you have more office space than what you currently need. Likewise, if you’re looking for space, commercial subleasing can provide you with an opportunity to lease renovated space at below-market rates. Given how popular subleasing has become over the past couple of years, we sought out the expertise of Laurie Sanderson, partner at Gowling WLG, to go over some tips and traps for both prospective sublandlords and subtenants.
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Construction & Layout with Danielle St-Aubin of Tree Canada and Gillean Woods of TRUform Interiors

Real Strategy caught up with Danielle St-Aubin, Chief Executive Officer at Tree Canada, as well as Gillean Woods, principal at TRUform Interiors to discuss Tree Canada’s new office. Moving from a dated building in a less desirable location, Tree Canada was looking for a change of scenery and something more central to minimize the need for commuting. They wanted to be part of a vibrant community and in a space that could better support their hybrid work efforts. To help bring the unique needs of this organization to life, TRUform Interiors was engaged to help design and outfit Tree Canada’s new space.

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Workspace inspiration gallery

From meeting booths and freestanding enclosures to architectural interiors, these are all points of discussion when it comes to a hybrid workplace. We feature a bunch of solutions by Teknion that look sleek, take up little physical space, can integrate screens, help make sure everyone’s on board with your ideas… or latest doodle!

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Real estate report

Ottawa Commercial Real Estate Market Overview – Q1 2022

Although Ontario has begun lifting restrictions, it’s been collectively acknowledged that we’re in the midst of a sixth wave of COVID cases. As a result, the return to the office is still something that’s very much in the air. Between this newest wave and hybrid work models that are being adopted, the road to the commercial real estate sector’s recovery will continue to be drawn out.

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