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Three hacks to help companies avoid the summer slowdown

The front of an office building.
The front of an office building.

Between vacations, holidays, and “half-day” Fridays, it’s common for employees to slow down as the weather heats up, with workplace productivity dropping up to 20% between the months of June and August. 

However, just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean you should lose your shirt. If you run a business, here are three tips to maintain efficiency, motivate employees and ensure your team is still working up a sweat over the summer months.

New technology can help everyone get some sun

Are your employees gazing longingly out of their office windows, dreaming of patios and upcoming family vacations? Think about incorporating some flexible work practices this summer, even if it’s just on a trial basis. While it’s difficult for many employers to imagine people maintaining their productivity at home, countless studies have shown that flexible work leads to happier, more engaged, more productive team members. 

To unlock these benefits, you first have to provide employees with the powerful communication and collaboration tools they need to work as effectively outside the office as they do inside it. Some examples include technology that automatically reroutes office calls to your staff’s smartphones, video conferencing tools that allow employees to connect face-to-face throughout the day, and new cloud solutions such as Soda PDF Anywhere that enable users to create, convert, edit, review, insert, secure, and even sign PDFs on the go.

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