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The strongest tenant-friendly market of our lifetime is upon us

Real Spaces
Real Spaces

By Darren Fleming, MBA
CEO and broker of record, Real Strategy Advisors

In the inaugural issue of Real Spaces Magazine, we shared our thoughts and opinions alongside statistics and trends with respect to Ottawa’s commercial real estate market. We looked at three previous recessions and their respective impacts with the aim of anticipating where things might be heading currently.

However, our forward-looking approach is not just rooted in a far-removed analysis; it’s combined with insights and best practices aimed at creating benefits for people.

As we find ourselves deep in the second wave of COVID-19, it’s very clear how the extended absence from the office and the diminished social interaction with friends and family continues to take its toll.

In conversations with our clients, the consistent theme arises: what will our culture be like when this is all over? How will we bring new people into our organizations and give them the training and mentorship required to grow, while at the same time building those bonds of friendship and camaraderie that make for great companies?

While no one has the answer, Real Strategy Advisors is cautiously optimistic that the vast majority of executives we speak with are in favour of an eventual return to the physical office in some form. 

Looking back at how the Ottawa office market fared during the third quarter, with falling tenant demand (maybe forever?), historically low leasing activity and spiking vacancy, Real Strategy Advisors is predicting that the strongest tenant-friendly market of our lifetime is upon us.

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Join us this issue as we explore trends concerning Ottawa’s commercial real estate market, remote work and the return to the physical workplace with the goal of contextualizing what this all means for people like you!

Darren FlemingDarren Fleming has been an industry leader in the commercial real estate sector for more than 20 years, providing expertise in the areas of workplace strategy and commercial real estate brokerage. Fleming has worked with some of Ottawa’s most active commercial design builders and major commercial real estate brokerages. With exceptional consulting and business strategy skills, he is an experienced leader and provides C-Suite level advice to his clients.